Nyalic Equipment Sealant

Every day, you put your commercial and industrial equipment into a tough environment. Excavators can be exposed to underground chemicals, Back hoes come into contact with harsh elements in the dirt, and cranes are subject to severe weather conditions. These types of conditions can shorten the lifespan of your construction equipment and cause problems with rust and corrosion. This results in thousands of dollars on repairs or even to the replacement of the equipment itself, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, there is a solution to this challenge in the form of Nyalic®.

What is Nyalic®?

Nyalic® is essentially a thin clear resin coating that is applied to the surface of your heavy machinery. Its chemical structure protects a wide range of materials from damaging UV rays, extreme temperatures, and other harmful substances. Nyalic® was developed by scientists for use on space equipment such as lunar rovers and the Apollo command capsules and is now available to other industries.

Materials that Nyalic® Protects:

  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Paint coatings
  • Electrical and mechanical connections
  • Polished, brushed, or milled surfaces

Nyalic® is Easy to Apply

Applying Nyalic® to machinery services is not difficult. You can use a variety of methods such as: lint free cloth wiping pads, foam rollers, HVLP sprayers, and even a brush. The coating will remain clear, year after year, so you never have to worry about yellowing or any distorting of the appearance of your machinery. Furthermore, Nyalic® comes with a three-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind and if you have any questions, you can call the company for advice and assistance. If one of your heavy equipment pieces should be damaged by a deep scratch after you have coated it with Nyalic®, you can coat the damaged area with Nyalic® from an aerosol can.

Nyalic® Protects Your Heavy Machinery

As already stated, Nyalic® can protect your construction equipment from harmful UV rays and chemicals. This resin coating has the ability to withstand temperatures that soar up to 350° F and under 0° F. It has also been known to restore oxidation on painted surfaces and will prevent oxidation from occurring. Nyalic® will protect your equipment from the chemicals in potash, acids, salts, fertilizer, lime, fly ash, urea, and other substances. You will find that it also has the ability to repel water and that dirt is easy to brush off, keeping your equipment cleaner.

If your equipment happens to be in a moist environment, such as at a dock or beach community, Nyalic® can protect it from the harshness of sea air, sea water, and winds too. Because it was designed originally to resist the damage that can be caused by other planetary conditions and the elements found in space, this resin coating can resist whatever environment you put it in.

Nyalic® can be used to coat and protect your vehicle’s interior parts as well, protecting them from damage that can come from continued exposure to harmful chemicals. This keeps your equipment running smoothly year after year, saving you money.

Not Just for Construction Vehicles

The great thing about Nyalic® is that you can use it on a multitude of different equipment and vehicles. This coating can be put on boats, marine equipment, automobiles and trucks in your fleet, public transportation vehicles, and even on the surfaces of buildings and other structures. For example, Nyalic® was used for the new chemistry building at Princeton University to protect the panels of cast aluminum which cover it. It was also used for the Gemini monument, located at Cape Kennedy Space Center, the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, and at Denver International Airport.

The possibilities with Nyalic® are endless and can give your construction equipment longer life, protecting components and surfaces from a wide variety of harmful elements.