Safety Is Our First Priority

Safety Is Our First Priority

Our Mission: Zero Accidents

We take safety on the job site extremely serious and make it a requirement though the proper training, education and preparation. From practicing safety techniques to selecting the proper equipment...we've got you covered.
Safety First

Pro-Cure Industrial Refinery Tank

Pro-Cure Industrial will go the extra mile to be your specialty painting and coating provider. Our dedicated service team has years of experience in grounds maintenance, abrasive blasting and coating, corrosion control and surface preparation.

Off-Site Blast Yard

Timely pickup and delivery for lead abatement, tank linings and specialty coatings.

Yards Maintenance

Full service yard and grounds maintenance with landscape installations and renovation.

Abrasive Blasting

High pressure streams to smooth rough surfaces and remove contaminants.

Industrial Painting

On and off site applications for industrial, marine and offshore painting needs.


Fireproofing for both interior and exterior steel of new construction or retrofits.

Specialty Coatings

Coating for industrial, refinery, architectural, and military applications.

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